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Helium & Balloons

About the Latex Balloons we sell...

We have been professionally decorating with balloons, as well as a wholesale distributor and reseller of latex balloons for over 30 years.  During that time we have been able to source and stock what we consider the very best balloons that have the longest float times, come in beautiful vibrant colors, with the lowest amount of defects and are a great value for your money.  Our reputation as a leading decorator and distributor depends on these high quality products that we use and sell, so we do not carry anything but the best.


12" Latex Balloons


Our 12" Latex Balloons are made by Latex Occidental Mfg. and have proven to us year after year to be the very best brand on the market.  These balloons come in 144 count bags and have very vibrant and clean coloration (no dark and light spots or drips like some brands) and come in many designer colors to fill your needs (see chart below). 

They also have a nice round, rather than teardrop shape which makes it better for decorating as well as more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The quality is probably the highest we have ever experienced with a extremely low defect rate compared to any other manufacturer we have used in the past or sell as special orders.  Countless times we have decorated with these balloons, sometimes with thousands of them at a time with little or NO defects at all! 

These balloons have an average indoor float time of 24 hours before dropping to the ground without any type of extended life balloon treatments.  They will look good without hardly any detectable loss of size for approximately 8-12 hours, so we never have had a complaint about the balloons not lasting or looking good throughout an event. 

We stake our reputation on these balloons and once you have tried them, you will be convinced too!

17" Latex Balloons


17" and other larger size latex balloons are mainly used in an outdoor setting.  And environmental factors such as heat, UV Rays and wind have challenged balloon decorators and manufacturers since balloons were invented.  Because of the nature of the manufacturing process and the amount of latex needed for each balloon has made them subject to high defect rates as well as very expensive for some other brands too. 

It took us about 10 years to find what we consider is the best brand of outdoor balloons to sell and use ourselves.  Our 17" balloons are manufactured by Gayla Industries.  You may know them as the biggest manufacturer of kites in the US if not the world, but they also make what we consider is a superior 17" latex balloon.  We have used these balloons for thousands of outdoor decorating jobs and we count on them looking good and lasting as long as possible.  And we can personally tell you that they have as long or a longer float time as any other 17" balloon on the market. For instance when we do an outdoor spiral arch and size them to 14 inches, many times when we come back the next day to redo or remove the balloons they are still flying 24 hours later.  To see what a 14" sized balloon looks like, see the pictures of the Balloon Arches on the "Balloon Decorating" page photo album.  Those balloons are sized to 14" each.  

We have found by experience is that anytime that you use 16-17 inch balloons that the best size to inflate them for the longest float time and durability is 14-16 inches - about the size of a basketball, at that size our balloons will "wear like iron", are easier to tie and ALSO conserve and reduce your helium consumption and costs.  (It is a mis- conception that the bigger you inflate balloons  the longer they will last, see the inflating tips below)   

And the bonus is that our 17" balloons are probably one of the most reasonably priced on the market!  We save you even more by buying these balloon in bulk and repackage them ourselves to eliminate expensive retail packaging costs.    These balloons are sold in individual or assorted colors in 72 count bags or bulk cases of 1728 loose balloons. 

Because of the utilitarian nature of this type and size of balloon, they are only stocked in the 9 colors listed below.  Give them a try and you will find that they are the best brand to use for the many reasons listed here, especially if you are a business or decorator who use a lot of larger balloons on a regular basis.

Additional 17" balloon colors are available as a special order from other manufacturers.

Latex Balloon inflation tips...


Do not over inflate balloons.  It may sound logical that the more helium that you put in a balloon, the longer they will last.  Well that is not true at all, and over inflation will actually decrease float time because it stretches out the pores in the latex and because helium expands a lot with heat, makes them less durable and prone to popping easily.   

12" balloons should be a nice round shape.  When they start looking
like a "light bulb" you are actually inflating the neck of the balloon.

17" balloons last the longest and are the most durable at 14-16" in size, about the size of a basketball.  (To see what a 14" sized balloon looks like, see the pictures of the Balloon Arches on the"Balloon Decorating" page photo album.  Those balloons are sized to 14" each.) From 30 years of experience using these and other balloons, we can honestly tell you that if you inflate the balloons to around that size, then you will get the best results, optimum durability and float time as well as maximizing your helium
consumption and costs too.
  (You can get almost 25% more balloons out of a 219 cf tank blowing them up to 14" instead of 16" or 17", and they will last longer and be more durable!) 

17" balloons are a thicker and tougher rubber.  To make it easier to tie them, pull and stretch the neck out before inflating. 

If you follow these basic inflation tips, you will be happy with your results!

See below for additional balloon information.


Latex Balloon Color Chart

We stock 12" Balloons in all colors shown on the chart below.
17" Balloons are only available in:
 red, white, royal blue, pastel green, yellow, orange, pink, light blue & purple

Some additional colors available for both sizes as well as addl. sizes of Latex Balloons in 5", 9", 24", 36", 72"as a special order

          Standard & Pastel Colors

      white       royal blue        pink    pastel green   lavender

     fuchsia       l
ight blue        teal

                    Crystal Colors

cherry red      black    emerald green     purple   crystal clear


 burgandy   canary yellow    orange

                Metallic & Pearl Colors


  silver            gold     pearl white   pearl pink  pearl lt. blue      

pearl purple
   pearl teal    pearl dk. blue     pearl red

12" Reg. Assort. (Bag/144) $17.99 $16.20
12" Crystal Asst. (Bag/144) $17.99 $16.20
12" Custom Asst. (Bag/144) $18.99 $17.15
12" Pearl Asst. (Bag/144) $22.99 $20.55
12" Custom Pearl Asst. (Bag/144) $23.99 $21.20
12" Standard Colors (Bag/144) $17.99 $16.20
12" Crystal Colors (Bag/144) $17.99 $16.20
12" Pastel Colors (Bag/144) $17.99 $16.20
12" Pearl/Metalic Colors (Bag/144) $22.99 $21.30
17" Rainbow Asst. (Bag/72) $18.99 $17.10
17" Custom Asst. (Bag/72) $19.99 $18.20
17" Single Color (Bag/72) $18.99 $380.00
1728 ball.
36" Solid Color (Bag/1) $4.50     $3.83

Stock assortments have no white, black, clear or pearls.
Custom assortments can be any colors of your choice.


Mylar Balloons

Because there are literally hundreds of Mylar Balloon designs and sizes, we do not stock an inventory of them.  But we do sell uninflated Mylar Balloons and use them for our Balloon Decorating on a regular basis. 

If you would like to order or use Mylar Balloons for your event or everyday use, supply us with your theme or design requests and we can provide you with all the different available designs and pricing.  Almost any and every Mylar design on the market is available from our various manufacturers and distributors. 

Normal turn around time for special order
items is usually just a few days.

* Popular Product *
Giant 5 ft. Latex Promotional Balloons
and Pennant streamers
(sold together or separate)

  • Giant 5 ft. latex balloon - $35.00 each
    (Colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green)
    (5' latex balloon will require approximately 70 cf. of helium to fill)

  • 120 ft. Triangles Polyvinyl Pennant streamer - $25.00 each
    (Colors: multicolored or alternating red/white/blue)

  • 60 ft. US Flags Polyvinyl Pennant streamer - $25.00 each

    Complete package: your choice of 1 - 5' Balloon and 1 Pennant - $55.00 ____________________________________ See more Giant Promotional balloons on the promotional products page.


    Curling Ribbon 500 Yards
    3/16" crimped, We carry all colors
    $2.99 $2.69/12
    Twine, white cotton-8 ply
    (Huge 2 lb cone-approx. 3600 ft.)
    $19.99 $17.29/24
    Nylon Masons Twine (500 ft.) $11.99 N/A
    Clip, Balloon Tie (100 pc) $6.99 $5.99/12
    Disc, Balloon Tie (144 pc) * $2.99 $2.69/12
    Disc, Balloon Tie (1000 pc) *
    * Balloon tying Discs require a Disc Post attached to nozzle.
    $17.00 $15.00/12
    Economy Balloon Weights
    $1.99 ea
    Gift Bag Balloon Weights
    $2.99 ea
    Lg. Star balloon Weights
    $3.99 ea
    Helium Cylinder

    Rentals, Sales and Related Accessories


    Note: RE- Helium Pricing
    on this website


    Parties Plus Wholesale Sales is a high volume helium distributor and we service customers from end users who rent a single cylinder for a one time party or event to high volume users who purchase many cylinders per month.  Because of that and other reasons, we need to qualify you to determine the correct pricing level to quote you. 

    So to get the lowest price quote we can offer you, please call 714 963-7144 or contact us from the "Contact Page", explain how many and what size balloons you want to fill at one time or each month on an on going basis and we can tell you immediately what size cylinder(s) and give you a firm price quote.
    Why you should buy your helium from
    Parties Plus compared to other companies...



    Helium Cylinder Rentals,
    one time use or
    month to month rental service

    Please read the important information
    about why Parties Plus should be your choice

    Some other helium distributors may give you their "low" prices when you call for a quote.  But what you find out later is that besides the cost of the helium you need to buy or rent a balloon filler as well as fees and charges which can add up to much more than what you were told was their discount helium price. Our helium rentals include everything you need to inflate balloons and monitor at all times how much gas is in the tank. 

    We specialize in servicing high volume helium users, multiple location retail chains, property management companies and corporations with the lowest prices possible.  If you want a quote to try and beat your current suppliers pricing, we would be happy to discuss and negotiate the lowest volume pricing possible.

    Besides that, there are many other reasons why you should make Parties Plus your choice.  Some are:

    * Compared to many industrial gas and
       welding suppliers, we are a full service
       helium AND balloon supplier.  So we are a
       one stop destination for all your helium 
       and balloon needs.

    * We also offer our commercial customers,
       schools, churches and organizations open
       accounts with Net-30 Terms and are
       happy to work with your accounts payable
       department to make payments as easy as

    All of our helium cylinder rentals include
       a balloon filler with a pressure gauge
       at no additional cost! Most other helium
       suppliers make you rent or purchase a
       balloon filler.  (From what we have seen
       from our competitors we would in some
       cases save you up to $50.00 in initial cost 
       or up to $5.00+ a month to rent one).  

     Our fast delivery service will have your
       order delivered within 3 business days.
       Next day & same day emergency
       delivery available for an additional
       charge when possible.

    * We also do not normally require a deposit 
       for our cylinder rentals.  Since our cylinders
       are delivered to your home or business,
       "we know where you live" so we are not
       very concerned that you are going to try
       and steal our property.  When renting
       helium cylinders you are expected to
       return the items in the condition that you
       received it.  If damages are incurred 
       because of negligence, you will be billed for
       the repairs of the damages.  In some
       circumstances, a refundable deposit may
       be required.

    * If parts for our rental cylinders and
       balloon fillers go bad due to normal wear
       and tear, we will repair or replace the item
       AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to you as part
       of our rental program!

     We offer helium rentals to every type
       of customer.  From individuals renting a
       tank for a party to resellers and high
       volume helium users who require multiple
       tanks per month.  Because of this, each
       potential customer is considered on an 
       individual basis as far as which discount
       price level they qualify for.  Please call
       to answer a couple of questions and we
       will give you our best price available.
     Our high helium volume enables us to
       compete with any of the helium service
       companies out there.  During the 30+
       years we have been in business, our
       policy has not been to be one of those
       "low ballers" in our industry that may
       offer low prices to start with and quickly
       raise your price or trade off price
       with substandard customer service.
       And even though we only sell the highest
       quality products and give the best
       customer service, we would still be very
       happy to give you a price quote to try to
       beat your current helium supplier if you are
       shopping for a better price than you have

    We are multiple location specialists.  If
       you are a retail chain or a business with 
       multiple locations, you may qualify for
       additional savings besides just the   
       helium price.  We often negotiate 
       discounts on monthly rental price,
       delivery charges, and other products
       and services to those high volume
       customers who qualify for them.   
       Other ways that we work with our
       larger customers is offering consolidated
       invoicing, taking automated ACH payments
       & payment card payments and other
       ways to help your A/P Department make
       payments and accounting easier. 

     We will happily work with the compliance
       companies that your industry may
       use and are fully insured and licenced.

    These are just some of the reasons why we have been in business since 1980 serving our happy customers and why you should use Parties Plus Wholesale Sales for your helium needs.

    See the Helium Tank Rental section below for cylinder sizes and other information.
    110 Cubic Ft. Rental * Call for pricing 30 Days
    219 Cubic Ft. Rental * Call for pricing 30 Days
    291 Cubic Ft. Rental * Call for pricing 30 Days
    Vertical cylinder stand (with tank rental) $5.00 30 Days
    Extended Rental Periods Call for pricing 30 Days
    * Please read above the price list why you
    need to call for pricing.
    * Tank rentals include filler nozzle with pressure gauge.
    * Prices do not include delivery charge.


    Please note that it is illegal to fill helium cylinders
    that have been rented from another company.
    In that light we only fill cylinders either purchased from us or that you are the sole owner of.

    Our normal procedure for customer owned steel cylinder refills is to exchange one of our full ones for your empty one.  Exchanged cylinders must not be out of or less than one year of the hydro test date as well as in the same condition as the exchanged cylinder.

    Refilling aluminum cylinders or refilling the same steel cylinder may require an additional  refill pick up charge as well as additional refill turnaround time.

    Our Helium Refills are the same price as the helium cost of our rentals.

    Call us to see how your tank qualifies

    We also sell new and used cylinders!


    14 CF 25 12 1
    30 CF 54 27 2
    45 CF 80 40 3
    55 CF 100 50 3
     110 CF 200 100 7
    219 CF 432 216 15
    244 CF 450 225 17
    291 CF 530 265 20

    Note that these capacities are approximate
    depending on actual measured size balloons are filled to.  If using Mylar Balloons, 1 - 18" Mylar uses approximately the same helium as 1 - 12" Latex Balloon.

    Helium Cylinder Accessories
    (for purchase, our rental cylinders include balloon fillers)

    New Filler Nozzle with Gauge Single Latex
    Replacement Gauge, Rubber Flex Tip, String Cutter or Disc Post $12.00 ea. specify which item when ordering
    Fabric Cylinder Cover 
    Fits up to 291 cylinder.   
    $40.00 solid colors & patterns available 
    Cylinder Stand
    Fits up to 291 cylinder. 
    (when available)
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