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Helium Balloon Delivery

Helium Filled Balloon Delivery


Because we are a wholesale balloon and helium  distributor, our costs are much lower than some other companies offering helium filled balloon delivery.

Our price per inflated 12" standard color balloons is only $1.00 each.  Metallic colored 12" balloons are only $1.20 each.  See the "Helium and Balloons" page for the chart of available colors.  Because of our very low individual balloon prices, it requires us to have a minimum order of at least 75 inflated balloons to reserve a date and time to be able to make your special delivery.

Each 12" balloon is tied to a 7' length of your choice of curling ribbon color.  We have found that this length is perfect for almost any decorating you may do.  It's much better to, have more ribbon than not enough.  Just cut off what you don't need.

The balloons are then bundled into bunches of 25-50 balloons depending on the size of your order and secured together with lengths of ribbon so that they can be unbundled and decorated with very easily.

Mylar and larger latex balloon are also available.  Call or contact us with your request for those items and we will give you a quote.

There is also a delivery charge which amount depends on how far the delivery location is away from our Huntington Beach office.  The only additional charge is the California sales tax.

Helium Filled Balloon delivery does not include any decorating with them.  If you need someone to professionally decorate your party or event with balloons, see the "Balloon Decorating" page.

Larger delivery orders may require us to inflate the balloons on site rather than being able to transport them all to your location pre-inflated.

Give us a call at 714 963-7144 or contact us to see if your date is available and to get a quote of how much your delivery would be.

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